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Unbeatable Prices on USA Antenna Flags!

U.S. Antenna Flags
Category: American Flags

Product Name: U.S. Car Antenna Flags.

Our U.S. Antenna is a great product for decorating your car. The #1 choice of car dealerships. The flag is made of 100% knitted polyester, with an 28" sleeve made from PVC.#\
1 choice for US flags. This Sizes:
12"x18" With PVC sleeve. Not for moving vehicles. *PARKED CARS ONLY*(Available in cloth or plastic).
fted Embroidered Americ†††† 4"x6" With Plastic clip. (Recommended for moving vehicles) h 100 % heavyweight nylon, and is available in a variety of sizes. The embroidered stars and sewn stripes make this USA flag a true beauty. Itís high endurance lasts throughout the seasons.

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